The Idiot’s Guide Series: How to Start a Dog Breeding Business

Are you a dog parent and want to turn your passion into business? Well, you are on the right page. We have compiled the most useful tips from dog breeder experts and this article will give you the basics in putting up a dog breeding business. Let’s get started!


-Choose dog breed

There are hundreds of dog breeds and you have to make sure to choose the breed that you can work with. The size, innate characteristics are the most factors in choosing a breed. If you have been around dogs for quite sometime, then it is most probable that you have a breed or two in mind before even delving into the idea of dog breeding.


-Check for laws or policies in your area

Some cities and counties are strict about raising more than the average number of animals in their jurisdiction. Check if certain licenses are necessary before starting anything else.


-Get a general business license

A business license is needed apart from special permits for dog breeding.


-Check your finances

Just like any other business, dog breeding will also require a fairly big amount of capital ranging from an estimated $30,000 to $50,000. Will your personal resources be enough, will you need to get a loan, will family and friends support you?


-Female Dog, Male Dog or both

You may want to get a female or male dog, but you will need to deal with stud services in the future, so breeders advice is to get both gender to prevent encountering problems about stud contracts.


-Location and Equipment

The success of your business will depend on the these three things as they will play very important roles in the long run. Most dog breeders use their homes in the beginning and eventually expands to a much bigger and specified facility. The usual equipment needed are as follows: kennels, food supplements, drugs, and food supplies.


-Get the Vet to be your best friend

Your veterinarian is going to be your best friend and establishing a good relationship with them will give a lot of advantages for your business. You will save a lot of money if you get free advices and tips.



All businesses need insurance and dog breeding is not an exception. Getting a dog breeders insurance will get you covered should there be any untoward events.

-Business Name

A catchy and unique business name will make an impression to your clients. It should be short and uncomplicated for clients and potential customers to remember it easily.


-Intellectual Property Rights

Experts recommend for new dog breeders to file intellectual property rights for their business for the protection of their logo, documents, and the company’s name. You may start with the process by filing an application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office or  USPTO.


-How to Sell

Now that you have your dog, your permits and licenses are obtained, and your business is covered and protected, it is time to think about how to market and promote your business. Take advantage of social media, you can join dog groups in facebook in your area, or you can simply start posting pictures in your Instagram, start tweeting. Print flyers and have them posted somewhere. With today’s technology, you will not run out of options in marketing your business, but once you get there take care of your reputation.